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    NCC assists buyers in making strategic decisions.

    "I want the buyer to make a decision in less than 5 minutes". Tom Millitzer, President of NCC has made this statement in numerous of public presentations and in thousands of private conversations..... a bit of definition...

    NCC provides detailed, accurate and substantive transaction information so the decision maker can decide to commit the management team to review the acquisition.

    • NCC understands management time is a resource not to be wasted.
    • NCC provides you with superior information.
    • NCC's listings are almost always (well for the last 10+ years) exclusive.
    • NCC's reputation stands on the fact we provide you with information you can trust.
    • NCC's clients are committed to sell --- they are not testing the water.

    Buyers know the information provided by NCC will assist in the decision process.

    Get to know NCC by calling Tom Millitzer at 239-282-5550 to discuss your needs.

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